A Brexit legal challenge has been dropped in the Irish courts

Lynsey Barber
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Banksy Brexit Mural Appears On A Building Close To Dover Ferry Port
A case seeking the ability to reverse Article 50 if needed has been cropped by campaigners (Source: Getty)

A legal challenge against Brexit has been dropped in the courts in Ireland by campaigners.

Leading tax lawyer Jolyon Maugham was among those filing a case seeking the ability to reverse Article 50 with hopes of taking it to European courts.

He cited timing and costs as part of the decision to drop the case, brought with Green Party politicians Jonathan Bartley, Keith Taylor and Steven Agnew, as well as Ireland's opposition to referring it to the European Court of Justice.

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"I think it was right to make the bold decision to seek the answers we need. We knew there was no guarantee of success. But we were right to try," said Maugham.

Part of the £70,000 raised through crowdfunding has been spent on legalfees and the remainder will be given to another Brexit litigation with "symphathetic aims" or charity.

Maugham's comments that people had been misled over Brexit drew the ire of Leave backers when the case was filed earlier last year.

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