These 11 universities produce the top fund managers (surprise, Oxford and Cambridge are not top)

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Southampton beats Oxford and Cambridge when it comes to performance (Source: Getty)

One university in the UK is creating more successful fund managers than any other in Europe or the US, it turns out - and that institution might come as a surprise.

Move over Oxbridge... of the fund managers who attended Southampton, 64 per cent are rated as good or better, according to research from Citywire.

That's more than any other university in the country and equal to the ecole des Haute Etudes Commerciales in Paris.

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Just behind was Bath, with Warwick, Strathclyde, St Andrews, Edinburgh, University College London and London School of Economics also making the top 10. While Oxbridge produced a greater number of fund managers, their collective performance was not as good as other institutions.

“If your aim is to become a fund manager, then Oxford and Cambridge still generate the most number of them, but if you are an asset management group hiring fund managers, then your percentage chances of finding really good ones are improved by looking at applicants from places like Southampton, Bath and Warwick," said Citywire chairman Lawrence Lever.

* Criteria = rated 75 per cent of the time, been active for four or more years and 10 managers must have attended the university

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