New £10 polymer note: Fresh design revealed by Bank of Scotland

Lynsey Barber
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Full steam ahead for new Scottish polymer £10 note (Source: Bank of Scotland)

Another high-tech bank note is set to enter circulation and now its latest design has been revealed.

The Bank of Scotland has made a small change to the £10 polymer note which is set to hit people's pockets and wallets later this year.

Sir Walter Scott and The Mound in Edinburgh will continue to feature on the banknote, along with the Glenfinnan Viaduct. But on top of the landmark made famous by the Harry Potter films a steam train will appear for the first time.

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Sadly for fans of the franchise, they'll just have to imagine it's the Hogwarts Express - it's actually a Stanier "Black 5" steam locomotive.

"The new note retains our much loved design of Sir Walter Scott with the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct pictured on the back and we've evolved the design by introducing the popular heritage tourist train crossing the bridge," said Bank of Scotland director Mike Moran.

"With polymer notes being cleaner, more secure, and more durable than paper notes, I'm sure our new £10 note will prove popular across Scotland."

The new notes are made of plastic, meaning they last longer (and stand up to accidently landing in the washing machine) and also feature an array of innovative features designed to help cut down on counterfeits.

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The £10 note will launch in September and follows the launch of the fiver across the UK by the Bank of England. The central bank's £10 note will feature Jane Austen and is due ot be officially unveiled on the anniversary of the author's birthday on 18 July.

A third polymer note, the £20, is expected to come into circulation by 2020.

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