Hundreds of complete morons still use their mobile phone at the wheel every day, despite tougher laws

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New Law Seeks to Crack Down on Distracted New York Drivers
Drivers face a fine and penalty points if caught on a phone (Source: Getty)

Despite it being illegal and highly dangerous, putting both pedestrians and passengers at risk, hundreds of drivers are still using their mobile phone while driving.

Police caught the equivalent of one driver every seven minutes using their phone while at the wheel, fresh freedom of information (FOI) figures reveal.

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In London, more than 2,000 people were caught by police using a mobile illegally in the first four weeks after tougher new rules were introduced, and more than 6,000 across the country.

The fine for the dangerous behaviour doubled to £200 at the start of March and drivers also receive six penalty points on their license. But this doesn't appear to have deterred everyone.

The figures are likely higher, according to the Press Association which compiled the information, since seven police forces across the country did not respond to FOIs and some cases may not have been logged when the information was requested.

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Outstanding examples of morons at the wheel include a man doing online banking while driving on the M5 and a woman responding to a text message about her lost puppy.

Official figures show 22 people were killed and 99 seriously injured in accidents where the driver was distracted by a mobile phone.

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