Labour's Diane Abbott on her IRA views: "I don't have the same hairstyle, I don't have the same views"

Rebecca Smith
Abbott was grilled on the Andrew Marr show
Abbott was grilled on the Andrew Marr show (Source: Getty)

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said she has changed her views on the Irish Republican Army (IRA), after saying in the past that a defeat for the British state would be "a great liberation".

Appearing on the Andrew Marr show, Abbott was grilled on her stance and whether she regretted her support for the IRA in the 80s.

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She said: "It was 34 years ago. I had a rather splendid afro at the time. I don't have the same hairstyle and I don't have the same views. It is 34 years on, the hairstyle is gone, and some of the views are gone."

"We've all moved on in 34 years, haven't you Andrew?" she asked when pressed if she regretted what she said about the IRA.

She was followed by home secretary Amber Rudd, who took the opportunity to respond to Abbott's comments, saying her hairstyle had also changed a few times over in 34 years, but her view on how to keep the British people safe hasn't changed.

It follows comments made by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn saying the bombing campaign by the IRA was “completely wrong” after facing criticism for previous comments.

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