When will Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Hexham, Middlesbrough and the North East constituencies declare results of the 2015 General Election vote?

Caitlin Morrison
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The Newcastle skyline (Source: Flickr/Ian Britton)

Some of the North East constituencies are among the first to declare in the UK.

Houghton & Sunderland South is set to announced its results at 11:00pm, following by Washington & Sunderland West at 11:30pm, the first results expected for the entire country.

The next two constituencies to declare are also in the North East, with Sunderland Central due to report at 00:01am and Durham North West's results expected at 12:30pm.

The region is largely Labour, although it's also home to Hexham, the largest Conservative seat. Hexham will declare at 12pm on Friday 9 June.

All eyes will be on the North East at this year's General Election - it was Sunderland that first voted Leave in last year's EU Referendum, signalling the unexpected final result.

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