When will constituencies in Cambridgeshire, Essex, and Hertfordshire declare results of the 2017 General Election vote?

Rebecca Smith
Will the Lib Dems stream back in favour with Cambridge voters?
Will the Lib Dems stream back in favour with Cambridge voters? (Source: Getty)

This region is pretty much a sea of blue, so on first glance, it looks as if there will be more hotly-contested fights elsewhere, such as the North West and London where there are splurges of marginal seats.

Of the 69 constituencies scattered across the Anglia region, all but seven are held by Conservative MPs; but there are some very interesting seats in the mix.

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First up is the student-heavy city of Cambridge; a favourite with the Liberal Democrats from 2005 up until the row over tuition fees, and it promptly went red in 2015 as part of a hefty clear out of Lib Dems in parliament.

Labour did just squeak it by 536 votes last time round, so Julian Huppert is back to try and reclaim the seat he lost in 2015. Cambridge was a very pro-Remain area in the June referendum so that element could swing it in the Lib Dems' favour.

Now we have Thurrock in Essex, which at first glance looks like another drop in the ocean of blue, but the Conservatives won it with just a majority of 536 votes in 2015. It should report at around 3am if in line with 2015's election.

Labour need more of a push around Anglia if they're to stand a solid chance of success in the 2017 election. Other seats they have an eye on include Bedford where the majority is just over 1,000, along with Peterborough, Corby, Waveney and Ipswich, all of which would need a swing of under four per cent to switch. Peterborough should declare a bit earlier at 3am, with Corby and Ipswich coming in between 4am and 4.30am, while Ipswich is expected latest at 5.30am.

Clacton was the only seat in the UK won by Ukip in 2015 with a majority of 3,437, though he has since left the party and won't be standing as an MP at all, this time round. Ukip's Paul Oakley is hoping to retain the seat in an area where more than 70 per cent voted to leave the EU in the referendum last year. Stay tuned to see if Ukip can keep the seat around 4.30am.

And Conservatives still have an eye on Norman Lamb's seat in Norfolk North - despite the fact he's won it in every election since 2001. But with Lib Dem numbers depleted last election, the Conservatives are making a concerted push to turn the 4,043 majority around.

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