When will Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and the North West constituencies declare results of the 2017 General Election vote?

Rebecca Smith
Who will be at the races in the marginal seat of Chester?
Who will be at the races in the marginal seat of Chester? (Source: Getty)

Ah, the North West.

A region that voted to leave the EU rather emphatically in June last year and home to some very interesting seats indeed.

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Chester was a surprise Labour win in 2015 with Chris Matheson sneaking it with a majority of 93, making it Labour's most marginal seat in the country. It does typically swing back and forth over the years. Current polls would have it tipping back towards the Conservatives, but it’s by no means a given. Keep an eye out for results around 2.30am.

Wirral West was a notable seat last time round when Labour upended Esther McVey, and Labour’s Margaret Greenwood overturned a 2,436 majority. McVey will be hoping to have an easier time of it now she’s aiming for the empty seat left by George Osborne in Tatton. This time round, it’s left to Tony Caldeira to see off Labour’s 417 majority. You’ll need to stay up for this seat if it’s like 2015; probably coming in around 5am.

Barrow may not usually be considered one to watch for Conservative hopefuls as they haven’t won it since 1987, but then Copeland, the seat just above this constituency, fell to the Tories in February for the first time since 1931. So it has probably given sitting Labour MP John Woodcock some cause for concern with his majority of 795. Barrow should declare around 4am.

For the Labour offensive, Bury North is a prime target after James Frith narrowly lost in 2015; he’s back for another go, while Labour will also have the likes of Bolton West and Weaver Vale in sight with fairly low Conservative majorities. These are likely to come in between 3am and 3.30am.

Now the Lib Dems took a bruising in 2015, depleted to just eight MPs, but John Pugh isn't standing this time round, having held Southport since 2001. Sue McGuire will be hoping she can keep the seat and the Lib Dem ranks afloat, off the back of Pugh's majority of 1,322 at the last election. Expect that result around 5am.

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