When will Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter, Bath and the South West constituencies declare results of the 2017 General Election vote?

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The Lib Dems lost all 14 of their South West seats last time out (Source: Getty)

The Liberal Democrats will be hoping to make a comeback in the South West at this year’s election, having experienced a total wipe-out in 2015.

(In April 2015, poor old Nick Clegg dismissed polls suggesting the party could lose all 14 seats in the area as “absolute baloney”.)

There are 55 constituencies in the South West. With the exception of four Labour-held seats – Bristol West, Bristol South, Bristol East and Exeter – the region is fully Conservative blue.

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The Tories will have their eyes on these Labour seats, particularly Bristol East, due to be declared at 4am on 9 June, which proved a narrow loss in 2015.

Labour will be watching closely Plymouth Sutton and Devonport and Plymouth Moor View, which were close calls last time out, both due at 4am.

Can the Lib Dems make a comeback? Thornbury and Yate (2.15am), St Ives (1pm), Torbay (5am), Bath (5am) and Yeovil (2.30am) require the smallest swings and represent their best chances of success over the Tories.

YouGov polling has shown that Conservative voting intentions have increased from 47 per cent in 2015 to 52 per cent, while Labour is up from 18 per cent to 22 per cent and the Lib Dems from 15 per cent to 16 per cent. Support for Ukip, meanwhile, has collapsed from 14 per cent to six per cent.

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