Torrential downpours will eclipse the mini-heatwave for London’s Bank Holiday weekend as Met Office issues weather warning

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Rain Heralds The First Day Of British Summer
The sunshine is due to come to an abrupt end this weekend (Source: Getty)

Torrential downpours and thunder could make the Bank Holiday weekend a washout, according to a weather warning the Met Office has issued for Sunday and Monday.

Londoners staying in the city over the weekend should make sure to head outside on Saturday as it will be the last of this week’s glorious sunshine.

From Sunday onwards, the weather forecasters say to expect heavy rain and thunderstorms.

And once the heavens open, the Met Office’s chief forecaster has warned Londoners and south-east residents that flooding of roads, businesses, and homes, might occur with a predicted 40mm of rain to fall in just one hour.

Lightning strikes may also hit the city, which could cause power cuts, the officials say.

This contrasts sharply to the mini-heatwave the city has seen in recent days, with a high of 28 degrees today, and tomorrow’s expected high of 27 degrees.

A yellow warning has been put in place, and the Met Office has encouraged Londoners to “be aware” of the serious weather.

Temperatures will drop slightly but still remain above 20 degrees, so the back end of the Bank Holiday will be muggy.

The weather’s turn for the worse will come as a disappointment to Londoners who had been hoping to spend the weekend at newly-opened Brixton Beach or Alexandra Palace’s strEATLife Festival.

So head to pub gardens, parks, and picnics on Saturday but when Sunday comes, city dwellers should take refuge indoors.

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