When will Lougborough, Derby, Leicester and the East Midlands constituencies declare results of the 2017 General Election vote?

Rebecca Smith
Paul Nuttall is standing in Boston and Skegness - with the highest Brexit vote in Britain
Paul Nuttall is standing in Boston and Skegness - with the highest Brexit vote in Britain (Source: Getty)

There are 46 constituencies in the East Midlands and Conservatives are the dominant force here currently, holding 33 seats to Labour’s 13.

Now, there have already been changes since the 2015 election, what with Conservative MP Stephen Phillips resigning last year when he criticised the government for failing to consult parliament sufficiently on Brexit. Fellow Conservative Caroline Johnson took the seat in the by-election.

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The current state of affairs suits the Tories where there aren’t a huge number of targets for them, but there are three constituencies Labour could be eyeing where there are majorities of under 2,000.

Derby North is an interesting one. Amanda Solloway won it last time out, scraping by on a margin of 41 votes, but it is also a pro-Leave area, so a Labour resurgence is far from guaranteed. Keep an eye out for that around 3am.

A certain Paul Nuttall is hoping to bring in change at Boston and Skegness, where the Ukip leader hopes to take Conservative MP Matt Warman’s seat. It did feature the highest Brexit vote in Britain, and Warman’s majority was 4,336. One to watch. Last time it was declared around 5am.

Former shadow defence and Northern Ireland secretary Vernon Coaker added to his Labour majority in Gedling last time out, but it’s still under 3,000. And it’s another area which was in favour of leaving the EU, while Coaker campaigned to remain. So this could be an interesting seat to keep an eye on. Gedling declared around 3am in 2015.

Other notable MPs in the region include Ken Clarke, a fierce proponent of remain whose constituency Rushcliffe was the sole Nottinghamshire area to vote to stay in the EU. We should get results from there around 3am too.

Former Labour leader hopeful Liz Kendall holds Leicester West, former education secretary Nicky Morgan is looking to hang onto her Loughborough seat, while Labour’s Gloria de Piero dukes it out in Ashfield which is one of the seats Ukip has an eye on, though it’ll need a nine per cent swing from last time round.

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