Gatwick fixes baggage fault and says airport is recovering from disruption after flights left without bags

Rebecca Smith
Flights are leaving without bags on board
Flights are leaving without bags on board (Source: Gatwick)

Of all the days to have issues with its baggage system, the bank holiday Friday is not the best day for Gatwick...

But unfortunately the London airport was having some troubles this morning and warned passengers that some will be flying without their bags.

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Gatwick has now said the problem has been rectified and the airport is "recovering from this morning's disruption".

A Gatwick spokesperson said: “Gatwick would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to passengers whose aircraft departed without their bag. The airport is working closely with our airlines to forward all bags to passengers at the earliest opportunity.

“Arrivals, and those travelling with carry-on baggage only, were unaffected by this issue and all bags and passengers were security screened as normal.”

The fault was with the conveyer belt system that sorts bags before they arrive at the aircraft, so they were having to be processed manually. Not ideal. It affected both the North and South terminals.

It's not yet clear how many passengers were affected, but Gatwick has apologised for queues at check-in too.


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