Starting a new chapter: A look at Amazon's first New York bookshop

Rebecca Smith
So many books, so little time...
So many books, so little time... (Source: Getty)

Amazon, it's fair to say, is a pretty big thing in the world of online shopping.

But it hasn't made much of a foray into physical shops, and you may well ask why it needs to with such booming e-commerce business.

However, the company is slowly but surely expanding into bricks-and-mortar too. It opened its seventh US bookshop in New York yesterday.

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Amazon opened its first bookshop in Seattle back in 2015 and by the end of this year plans to have 13 in the US. It's also dabbling with grocery and convenience shops.

And while its bricks and mortar offering is unlikely to develop into a huge segment of Amazon's business, it is another way to boost brand awareness, at the very least. The shops are also a physical showcase of the Amazon Prime membership as Prime members don't pay as much for books.

In pictures: Amazon's new bookstore

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So anything different about the new NYC store? Well, there are forward-facing books and placards, along with their average rating (on, naturally).

Amazon Books stocks around 3,000 titles, which are picked by "curators" who peruse books with at least a four star rating on And shoppers can scan bar codes linked to specific books to view online reviews and buy through their Amazon accounts.

Customers can pay with credit cards, debit cards and gift cards, but not cash.

Amazon's bookshops and the date they opened:

Seattle, Washington

2 November 2015

San Diego, California

7 September 2016

Portland, Oregon

25 October 2016

Dedham, Massachusetts

28 February 2017

Chicago, Illinois

23 March 2017

Lynnfield, Massachusetts

14 April 2017

New York City

25 May 2017

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