Tory lead cut to five points in new YouGov poll as General Election campaigning resumes in full today

Rebecca Smith
May's party will resume national campaigning today
May's party will resume national campaigning today (Source: Getty)

A new YouGov poll has found Labour has eaten into the Conservatives' lead with the General Election less than two weeks away.

The poll, the first since the terrorist attack in Manchester on Monday, showed the Tories now have a five percentage point lead over Labour, at 43 per cent to 38 per cent.

Last week, the Conservatives had scored 44 per cent to Labour's 35 per cent in a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times.

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The polling firm said its newest figures came after the "big weekend furore" over Theresa May's plans for funding social care, which became dubbed a "dementia tax", and the subsequent U-turn, which took place on Monday.

The proposals at the very core of the Tory manifesto launch could make elderly people pay for their care up to the point at which their assets, including residential property, are depleted to less than £100,000.

YouGov said: "It has been a highly unusual few days in an election campaign, arguably unlike any other in history."

There is no way of guessing what will happen in the two weeks to polling day but we will be able to be more confident about how voting intention settles down over the next few days.

The shift in the polls marks Labour's best performance since Jeremy Corbyn became leader back in September 2015.

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The Liberal Democrats moved up one point to 10 per cent, while Ukip was also up one at four per cent.

It's the final countdown
It's the final countdown (Source: YouGov)

National campaigning kicks back into gear today, after parties suspended it in the wake of the Manchester terror attack, in which 22 people lost their lives.

The Lib Dems and the Scottish National Party confirmed they will follow suit. The SNP had also been due to launch its manifesto this week but has yet to confirm plans for publishing the election documents.

Ukip returned to campaigning yesterday, with the launch of its own manifesto.

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