Donald Trump raises Brexit jobs fears at EU meeting in Brussels with Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker

Caitlin Morrison
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Trump is visiting the EU today (Source: Getty)

US President Donald Trump has voiced concerns that Americans may lose jobs due to Brexit, according to EU sources.

Trump is in Brussels today meeting with European Council president Donald Tusk and Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. According to a Reuters source, the US leader told EU officials he is worried that jobs in the US may be lost as a result of Brexit.

In a statement following today's meeting, Tusk said: "During my meeting with President Trump, we discussed foreign policy, security, climate and trade relations.

"My feeling is that we agreed on many areas. First and foremost, on counterterrorism, and I am sure that I do not have to explain why. But some issues remain open, like climate and trade."

The job market was a major focus point for Trump's Presidential campaign, and the property tycoon vowed to "put America first" in terms of keeping jobs within the US. To that end, in April he revealed plans to slash corporation tax.

In the run up to his election in the US last year, Trump supported Britain leaving the EU, hailing the result of last year's referendum as a "great thing" on a visit to Scotland the day after the vote.

His predecessor, Barack Obama, and opponent in the Presidential race, Hillary Clinton, both backed a Remain vote. Obama famously warned that the UK would "be at the back of the queue" in the event of a Brexit vote, because the US' "focus is on negotiating with a big bloc of the European Union".

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