General Election 2017: Labour and the Conservatives will resume their election campaigns on Friday

The Prime Minister Responds To Manchester Terrorist Attack
Campaigning had been called off in the wake of the attacks (Source: Getty)

The UK's largest political parties will resume full election campaigning on Friday.

Labour and the Tories agreed to call a halt to campaigning on Tuesday in the wake of the terrorist attack in Manchester on Monday night. A suicide bomber killed 22 people in an attack at an Ariana Grande concert in the Manchester Arena.

Labour plans to begin local campaigning tomorrow, followed by a phased return to national campaigning on Friday.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "The British people are united in their resolve that terror will not prevail. It will not prevent us going about our daily lives or derail our democratic process.

"Resuming democratic debate and campaigning is an essential mark of the country's determination to defend our democracy and the unity that the terrorists have sought to attack."

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A Conservative spokeswoman confirmed that Theresa May's party would also begin local campaigning following a minute's silence due to be held tomorrow, before ramping up efforts on Friday.

Buckingham Palace will announce the details of the minute's silence.

The Lib Dems and the Scottish National Party have confirmed they will follow suit. The SNP had also been due to launch its manifesto this week but has yet to confirm plans for publishing the election documents.

Earlier today, Ukip said it would return to campaigning tomorrow, with the launch of its own manifesto.

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