An "affordable" $2m private jet from Cirrus Aircraft has secured European approval

Rebecca Smith
Fancy taking your own jet for a spin?
Fancy taking your own jet for a spin? (Source: Cirrus Aircraft)

A company hoping its "personal jet" takes off has now secured European approval.

Cirrus Aircraft's Vision Jet has been 10 years in development and the 30ft, single-engine jet costs $2m (£1.5m), which is around half as much as closely competing aircraft.

The company said it had received approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and has delivered the first aircraft to Europe.

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“This is an exciting day for Cirrus Aircraft and for our customers throughout Europe,” said Pat Waddick, president of innovation and operations at Cirrus. “The EASA approval of the Vision Jet Type Certificate paves the way for a ramp up of aircraft deliveries in Europe and continues to propel Cirrus Aircraft into new markets across the world."

Cirrus is envisaging Vision Jet appealing to the crop of executives and entrepreneurs who can afford to buy one and also have eyes on flying it themselves, hence the personal jet tag.

The seal of approval for Europe comes after the Vision Jet got the go-ahead from the US Federal Aviation Administration in October last year, followed by its production certificate earlier this month.

It said more than 600 jets have been pre-ordered already, and deliveries of the jet began last December.

Check it out in action:

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