More than 600,000 people registered to vote on General Election deadline day, dwarfing figures from both the Brexit vote and the 2015 campaign

Mark Sands
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The UK will head to the polls on 8 June. (Source: Getty)

A huge 622,000 people applied to register their vote yesterday, cutting it close to the deadline for securing a vote in the June General Election.

And official government figures show that over two-thirds of those seeking to register, a total of 453,000 were under 35.

As well as a final surge ahead of yesterday's deadline, more than 200,000 - including 90,000 under-25s - applied on Sunday.


The final day to register a vote regularly prompts a dramatic increase in activity among voters keen to take part in either elections or referendums, but yesterday's efforts still dwarf previous figures.

Ahead of the Brexit referendum, the final day of registrations saw 525,000 people attempt to secure a vote. And after technical problems saw the deadline extended by a further 48 hours, a further 430,000 sought to register.

And on deadline day for the 2015 General Election, 485,000 voters decided to make sure they could cast their ballot.

So even by recent standards, yesterday's surge of activity represented a dramatic new high for attempts to register inside of 24 hours.


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