Scotland retains crown as top UK region for foreign direct investment

Helen Cahill
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The US contributes the highest number of foreign direct investment projects into Scotland (Source: Getty)

Scotland has kept its crown as the top place in the UK for foreign direct investment outside London.

According to a report by EY out today, the number of foreign direct investment projects in Scotland grew by 2.5 per cent year-on-year in 2016. Scotland now snaps up more than one in 50 of all the investment projects available across Europe.

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It also attracted 21 research and development projects, meaning it is top in the UK in for attracting R&D interest, and it is second only to London when it comes to landing investments from the software sector.

The top countries investing in Scotland included the US, France, Germany, Ireland and China.

Paul Lewis, managing director of Scottish Development International, said: "Scotland has a great track record as a location which holds tremendous appeal to international investors, so it's heartening to see that position reinforced by the new EY survey, and it's particularly welcome to hear that Scotland now wins over one in 50 of all investment projects into Europe.

"In a highly competitive inward investment market, this is a huge indicator of Scotland's global attractiveness and investment performance."

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