General Election 2017: Tory lead slashed in latest poll from ICM

Caitlin Morrison
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Jeremy Corbyn Campaigns In The Wirral
Labour gained five points in the latest ICM poll (Source: Getty)

The Conservatives' lead over Labour has been slashed by six points, according to the latest polling figures from ICM.

The research, carried out in conjunction with the Guardian in the wake of both main parties unveiling their manifestos, shows the Tories are now on 47 per cent (down one point), with Labour up five to 33 per cent. The Lib Dems were down one point to nine per cent, while Ukip was down two to four per cent and the Greens dropped a point to hit two per cent.

The new numbers mean the Conservative lead has been cut to 14 points.

The figures show Labour has won the "short term manifesto battle", according to ICM director Martin Boon.

"After the delivery of the party manifestos, polling over the weekend has indicated a resurgent, if still rather distant Labour party," he said.

"ICM has been the stickiest pollster for the Tories, and while we probably still are, our poll today reinforces the impression that Labour have won the short term manifesto battle."

The Tory manifesto put business on edge, with the CBI warning that it put UK firms at risk of being "left in the starting blocks". And Theresa May came under fire today after an apparent U-turn on social care funding proposals.

Meanwhile, Labour today released its "cultural manifesto", outlining its plans for the arts and culture sector.

Boon said Labour hadn't polled at 33 per cent since June 2016, "so it’s a surge that has been a long time coming". However, he added: "It does not arise in conjunction with a precipitous Tory collapse, and their 47 per cent remains a number that the party will be wholly delighted with."

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