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How to identify the target audience for your mobile app

Identifying your target audience allows you to focus your finite resources. (Source:

Building your app and then getting your product ready for market is not a quick process. Time is the most valuable commodity, and any successful app will require a serious time investment.

We at appScatter want your investment to work. We will explain how time spent on our platform will identify your target audience and help you to react accordingly.

Even if your app has an appeal to a broad demographic, you cannot settle for the broadside marketing approach, aiming for everyone. In the current marketplace, a strategic sales approach is necessary.

Naturally, you want your app to reach as many people as possible, but the number of individuals you wish to engage with comes at a price. An unlimited target audience would require a huge marketing budget.

We might rail against the idea of defining our target audience as if it were somehow fencing in our free-roaming ambitions. We must kerb this reaction. We are not limiting an app's success; we are narrowing the front for a marketing offensive, allowing us to exert the optimal force on the most advantageous sector.

If you can identify your target audience, this allows you to focus your finite resources on the demographic most likely to be responsive to your app, efficiently maximising your returns.

Identifying your target audience

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