There's now a real-life robocop fighting crime in Dubai as robot police officer joins the city's force

Lynsey Barber
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Dubai robot police officer
Dubai's police robot will hit the streets this week (Source: DXBMediaOffice)

Robocop just transformed from a fictional character into reality on the streets of Dubai.

A robot armed with the ability to recognise voices and gestures made by humans has officially joined the city's police force and will start on patrol this week.

A touchscreen on the robot's chest offers help to people while its cameras can relay video back to human police officers, The National reports. And soon it could have facial recognition technology, giving it the ability to identify people on an individual basis.

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The robocop has been unveiled at a security conference in the city where it has been patrolling the aisles before it heads for a new beat at malls and tourist attractions.

A demonstration of the crime-fighting robot showed it reading someone's name badge and saying hello, the local newspaper reports. It can even shake hands and salute.

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Dubai police have ambitions for robots to make up around a quarter of the workforce by 2030. But, that won't displace jobs - the head of the force's smart services said it will mean officers can be located in the right areas.

Brigadeer Khalid Al Razooqi said the robot meant police could reach the public 24/7 and "it won't ask for any sick leave or maternity leave".

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