London most expensive student city in the UK but Hull crowned most affordable

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Hull Will Be The 2017 UK City Of Culture
Hull is the most affordable place for students to live in the UK (Source: Getty)

London has unsurprisingly come out top on a list of the UK's least affordable places for student accommodation, while Hull is the most affordable.

But in the world rankings compiled by student housing marketplace, London was third. New York was crowned most expensive, followed by Boston.

Most expensive cities (global)

City Rank Weekly spend ($)
New York, USA 1 431
Boston, USA 2 403
London, UK 3 359
Washington DC, USA 4 329
La Jolla, USA 5 298

The global average spend for a student renter is now $218 (£167.85) per week. The UK average is $223 (£171.70), but London students spend an average of $359 (£276.56).

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Students in the UK looking for cheaper digs could consider moving to Hull, which made it onto the worldwide list of most affordable places to live.

Most affordable cities (UK)

City Rank Weekly spend ($)
Hull 1 111
Dundee 2 122
Sunderland 3 123
Wolverhampton 4 128
Bradford 5 130

The five most expensive British cities for university students outside of London are Oxford, Cambridge, Exeter, Reading and Bristol.

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Luke Nolan, founder and CEO of said: “Across Australia, the UK and the US, cities with larger supplies of purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) tend to be, on average, more affordable than cities that are under supplied. As the PBSA market grows, we’ll continue to see a more diversified range of options that cater to different budgets.”

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