Premier League prize money: Over £11m still up for grabs on final day of the season for West Ham United, Crystal Palace and Watford

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Watford v Crystal Palace  - Premier League
Mid-table is lucrative business - both Palace and Watford could earn up to £20.9m (Source: Getty)

For many fans, any sense of excitement has already exited the Premier League ahead of its final round of fixtures this weekend.

With Chelsea crowned champions and the relegation battle already wrapped up, the only story line left to follow is the remote chance of Arsenal overhauling either Manchester City or Liverpool into fourth place.

Yet try telling the majority of club directors, likely to be found sweating nervously in their suits, that there is nothing left to play for.

There are 13 clubs whose final position, and their final pay-packet, is yet to be determined.

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The difference between winning and losing is worth more than £10m in end-of-season prize money payments for five clubs including West Ham United, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Stoke, Burnley and Watford.

At the end of each season, the Premier League hands out equal sums in central commercial and TV income to clubs, but further payments are determined by where a club finishes in the league — merit payments — and how many times they appeared on TV — facility fees.

Thanks to the influx of cash from a new £8.3bn TV deal, merit payments are worth more than ever, with each position worth an extra £1.9m on the one below it.

That means Leicester's earnings for the season could fluctuate by £13.3m depending on how they fare at home to Bournemouth, the fixture with the most money riding on it this weekend.

Despite slumping to mid-table after last year's incredible title triumph, the Foxes could earn the same amount in merit payments from this campaign if they beat Bournemouth and finish eighth for which the prize is £24.7m.

Crystal Palace, Watford, Stoke and Burnley — all locked together between 13th and 16th and seperated by a single point — have £11.4m on the line this weekend.

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All four clubs could rise to 11th to earn £19m, but could similarly slip to 17th where the prize is just £7.6m.

West Ham are also playing for £11.4m, but could finish as high as 10th to pocket £20.9m — a prize momey reward only enjoyed by clubs who finished in the top four last season.

Champions Chelsea have already banked £38m in merit payments, a staggering 18,300 per cent increase on the £815,210 Manchester United earned in the Premier League's inaugural 1992-93 season and a 310 per cent increase from the £9.7m the Blues received when they first won the Premier League title under Jose Mourinho in 2005.

Position Team Points Possible final position Max/Min possible prize money
1. Chelsea 90 1st £38m
2. Tottenham 83 2nd £36.1m
3. Manchester City 75 3rd - 5th £34.2m - £30.4m
4. Liverpool 73 3rd - 5th £34.2m - £30.4m
5. Arsenal 72 3rd - 5th £34.2m - £30.4m
6. Manchester United 66 6th £28.5m
7. Everton 61 7th £26.6m
8. Southampton 46 8th - 10th £24.7m - £20.9m
9. West Bromwich Albion 45 8th - 12th £24.7m - £17.1m
10. Bournemouth 45 8th - 12th £24.7m - £17.1m
11. Leicester 43 8th - 15th £24.7m - £11.4m
12. West Ham United 42 10th - 16th £20.9m - £9.5m
13. Crystal Palace 41 11th - 17th £19m - £7.6m
14. Stoke City 41 11th - 17th £19m - £7.6m
15. Burnley 40 11th - 17th £19m - £7.6m
16. Watford 40 11th - 17th £19m - £7.6m
17. Swansea 38 13th - 17th £15.2m - £7.6m
18. Hull City 34 18th £5.7m
19. Middlesbrough 28 19th £3.8m
20. Sunderland 24 20th £1.9m

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