Redheads rejoice: Ginger emojis may finally be on their way

Nina Edy
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The emojis are expected to finally come out next year

Good news if you’re a redhead (or you’re just a big fan of Ed Sheeran): redhead emojis could be on the way.

Designs shared on the Emojipedia website revealed the much-requested emoji, alongside curly (or afro) hair, white hair, and bald emojis.

The site said: “Requests for representation of red hair in emoji have been ongoing, yet prove a challenge to address due to a number of competing implementation options.”

“This is a proposal to provide for the representation of a red head emoji, as well as naturally occurring hair colors, features, and styles.”

Though the final product may look similar to the samples, the actual appearance of the end products would vary based on the platform you’re using.

Science-related emojis were also on the agenda at Unicode Technical Committee meeting where upcoming proposals were discussed.

The release date for the new additions is yet to be announced, but is expected to be next year.

In January Emojipedia said the next update, Emoji 5.0, which will include English, Scottish and Welsh flags, could be released in the next six months

Here’s a video showing you all the new emojis for 2017:

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