Snatched movie review: Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn outshine this workaday comedy romp

James Luxford

Amy Schumer teams up with Goldie Hawn in a very adult tale of matriarchal misfortune. Having been dumped by her boyfriend before a trip to Ecuador, Emily (Schumer) coaxes her reluctant mother (Hawn) to come in his place. Mother-daughter tensions have to be put aside when the pair are kidnapped and held to ransom.

Having poured so much of herself into the excellent Trainwreck, Snatched finds Schumer dealing with material that’s nowhere near as personal, nor as relatable. It’s good for a few laughs nonetheless, with enough sharply-written material to allow the leads to shine. Schumer is once again the erratic, sloppy party girl of her comedy sketches, pitched brilliantly against the returning Hawn. Having lost none of her comedy chops in the 15 years she’s spent off screen, she gets many of the biggest laughs as the safety obsessed Linda, bickering her way through danger. Ike Barinholtz also makes the most of a supporting part as Emily’s agoraphobic brother.

Snatched is an entertaining misadventure that will do neither star any harm. For fans of Schumer’s confessional comedy, it borders on the lightweight, but for those who remember Hawn’s heyday, it’s a welcome reminder of the kind of talent so often abandoned by the Hollywood machine and its indifference to older actresses.

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