Melody Meyer elected to BP's board as a non-executive director

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BP held its annual general meeting yesterday (Source: Getty)

Oil industry veteran Melody Meyer was elected as a non-executive director for BP at the company's annual general meeting, BP today confirmed.

Meyer worked with US energy group Chevron for 37 years, and she was the president of Chevron Asia Pacific exploration and production from 2011 until her retirement in 2016.

Carl-Henric Svanberg, chairman of BP, said: “The distinctive breadth, variety and geographic scope of Melody’s experience in the global oil and gas industry make her a valuable addition to the board. With a deep understanding of the factors influencing safe, efficient and commercially high-performing projects in a global organisation, she will bring an additional world-class operational perspective to the board.”

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Meyer is now the third woman on BP's current board, and she will continue work that she started at Chevron to mentor and advocate for the advancement of women in the industry.

Meyer's previous roles at Chevron include vice president for the firm's Gulf of Mexico business unit starting in 2004 and president of the Chevron Energy Technology Company in 2008.

At yesterday's annual general meeting, BP shareholders voted to approve an $11.6m (£9m) pay package for the company's boss as well as a new remuneration policy that will reduce future performance incentives by millions.

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