Party donors: Here are the biggest names bank-rolling the Conservative campaign

Helen Cahill
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The Conservative Party Launch Their Election Manifesto
The big backers have been revealed by the Electoral Commission (Source: Getty)

As the Conservatives launched their policies today, the money behind the Tory manifesto was revealed.

The Electoral Commission has published the names of party donors who have given more than £7,500 to a party between 3 May and 9 May, giving an insight into who wants Prime Minister Theresa May back in Number 10.

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Unsurprisingly, the Conservatives have bagged the most cash so far, having collected £4,108,000 from their major donors. The founder of Addison Lee, John Griffin, was the biggest single Tory donor, giving nearly £1m to the party.

Here's how the Tories compared to their rivals:

Party Total received from donations of over £7,500
Conservatives £4,108,000
Labour £2,683,300
Liberal Democrats £180,000
Ukip £48,000
Greens £15,000
Women's Equality Party £20,544

And here are the big names keeping the Conservatives' battle bus on the road:

  • Sir Henry Keswick, former owner of the Spectator, and his wife Lady Keswick, have both donated £25,000 each
  • David Mayhew, former chairman of JP Morgan Cazenove, has given £25,000
  • John Griffin, founder of Addison Lee, has shelled out £900,000
  • David Rowland, property tycoon, has given £200,000
  • Chief executive of Petrofac, Ayman Asfari, has donated £50,000
  • John Armitage, Britain's ninth-richest hedge fund manager, has given £500,000 to the campaign
  • Boss of Caxton Associates, Andrew Law, has backed May with £250,000
  • Co-founder of CVC Capital Partners, Bruce Hardy McLain, has given £100,000
  • Iceland boss Malcolm Walker has donated £50,000
  • Sir John Hall, the former Newcastle United chairman who sold his shares to Sports Direct's Mike Ashley, has given £25,000 to the Tories
  • Selfridges has set aside £40,000 for the Conservatives.

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