A new display of ultra-exclusive cars is coming to London next month

Rebecca Smith
The Eagle E Type Low Drag Coupe will be on display
The Eagle E Type Low Drag Coupe will be on display (Source: City Concourse)

A new showcase of "ultra-exclusive modern bespoke" vehicles is coming to the capital.

The City Concours takes part in London on 8-9 June at the Honourable Artillery Company, and will feature a display a collection of hand-built cars, tailored to owners' specifications.

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Some of the cars on display:

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Confirmed so far in the line up is a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer, with a full carbon-fibre body finished in Singer racing white with black lettering.

Also making the cut is another reimagining of a classic model: Eagle's E-Type Low Drag Coupe, which took around 7,000 man hours to complete. It is a stylish reincarnation of one of Jaguar's snazziest E-Types, the Low Drag Coupe. The body is aluminium rather than steel, and there's also a new five-speed gearbox.

A Zagato bespoke Ferrari model will also be on display, the 550 GTZ Barchetta. Only three Barchetta variants have been produced.

And one of seven Touring Superleggera Disco Volante Spyder is in the mix. This handcrafted model has a retro-inspired body that took 10,000 hours to complete.

"Our modern bespoke category is just one example of the kind of unique and rarely seen models that we’ll have on display," said Andrew Evans, City Concours director. "The chances of seeing one of these cars on the road are extremely low, but we’ll have all of them plus around a hundred more all gathered in the oasis of green that is London’s Honourable Artillery Company."

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