Dramatically tackling the glass ceiling: RADA launches batch of professional courses to help women at each stage in their career

Rebecca Smith
Another way to get your voice heard...
Another way to get your voice heard... (Source: Getty)

The commercial arm of RADA has unveiled a range of professional courses to help women move up the career ladder.

The drama school's commercial subsidiary, RADA in Business, has unveiled three new courses to work with women at each stage of their career. These are meant to help women communicate with authority and impact in their professional roles "through body, language, breath and voice training".

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There is an entry level course, focused on helping female graduates make the transition from higher education to the world of work.

Then there is a "Step into the Spotlight" course for women in middle management, to give women the skills and confidence to put themselves forward for more senior positions.

The senior level programme includes three workshops and coaching, focusing on the skills needed to up performance in the workplace at the highest levels of business. The senior course centres on helping participants deliver a "commanding presence" in order to lead with greater authority.

The courses vary in price; the entry level cost is £625 for individuals or £3,000 when delivered in-house for eight delegates, while the senior level one is £2,800 at foundation level.

Liz Barber, client director at RADA in Business, said:

We have worked with women in business for well over a decade to overcome the common challenges they often face in the corporate world, and our aim with this new range of courses is to equip them with the skills they need to make sure they are heard, own their own space, and have the impact they desire.

By offering courses for women at different stages in their career, we are able to ensure each course reflects the individual needs and challenges of women at various levels.

The courses follow RADA's Executive Presence for Women programme, designed to give women with the "impact skills required" to succeed in male-dominated corporate environments.

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