Jaguar has given us new teasers of its XF Sportbrake before its launch on 14 June

Rebecca Smith
Now you see it... The prototype has been specially camouflaged
Now you see it... The prototype has been specially camouflaged (Source: Jaguar Land Rover)

Having provided just a teaser of its new XF Sportbrake, Jaguar has finally provided a batch of new pictures for the car.

Though of course it's not given the entire reveal ahead of its official launch next month - the estate car has been specially camouflaged...

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(Source: Jaguar)

(Source: Jaguar)

Tim Henman's a Jaguar brand ambassador FYI
Tim Henman's a Jaguar brand ambassador FYI (Source: Jaguar Land Rover)

The XF Sportbrake debuts on 14 June, and will join the XF sports saloon in Jaguar's line-up.

Jaguar said it will combine traditional Jaguar design and agility with a "spacious and practical interior".

Its teasers so far have been rather tennis-themed, you may have noticed, with the first glimpse of the car featuring the new model's outline on Wimbledon's famous manicured surface.

Jaguar Land Rover is a partner for the championships this summer, which is why ground staff were recruited to transform the venue's white lines.

Wimbledon's new look

Last month, we also got an overhead view of the XF, which looks like this:

The anticipation for the new XF is building...

Jaguar director of design Ian Callum said: “With XF Sportbrake we’ve created a silhouette which sweeps towards the rear, almost into the distance, and really gives the car a sense of speed and sportiness. It will bring new levels of practicality to the range without sacrificing the dynamic design and agile handling our customers expect.”

Read more: Jaguar has given us a glimpse of its new XF Sportbrake

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