Snapchat's new filter is reminding you to vote in General Election 2017 following Uber prompt

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Snapchat's reminding young people to register to vote in the General Election (Source: Getty)

Snapchat users in the UK will see a new feature when they come to open the app.

A filter encouraging the 10m people a day across the country who use Snapchat to vote is being launched today in a partnership between the tech company and the Electoral Commission for the first time.

“Snapchat has a huge audience amongst young adults, a group we know are less likely to be registered to vote," said Craig Wood, director of communications at the commission.

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"By working with them we can get this important message across in a new way and help ensure fewer people lose the chance to cast their vote.”

The new filter will have a register to vote message which can be out over pictures and then shared with friends.

It's the latest tech firm to dive into politics and help the country to get to the polls. Uber yesterday said it will show pop-up messages to users hailing a ride through the app, urging them to register to vote in a partnership with Bite the Ballot.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this week turned to the popular messaging app with grime star Jme to urge young people ot vote.

Wannabe voters must register by 22 May to be able to have their say in the General Election on 8 June. More younger people are unregistered than older people - around 30 per cent compared to five per cent.

Facebook for the first time reminded every person eligible to vote to register ahead of the General Election in 2015 and is doing so again this year, while prompts to vote have also appeared on the Google search homepage for users in the UK.

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