JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dimon defends his advisory role to President Trump

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JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon And Detroit Mayor Duggan Discuss The Bank's Investment In Detroit
Jamie Dimon came under fire from shareholders at the bank's annual meeting (Source: Getty)

The boss of JP Morgan Chase defended his ties to President Trump today after shareholders criticised his role as economic advisor to the White House.

Jamie Dimon said he would help "any president" in office during a question and answer session at the lender's annual meeting, according to Reuters.

"I would try to help any president of the United States becaue I'm a patriot," said Dimon, who is one of a number of business executives on Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum.

"That does not mean we agree with all the policies that an administration comes up with."

When one shareholder asked Dimon if he would step down from Trump's advisory forum, Dimon said no.

Dimon, who has previously spoken out in favour of a big review of the red tape governing banking, also said changes should be made to Dodd-Frank and other rules to "preserve the safety and soundness of the financial system".

When it came down to the bank's business, voting shareholders sided with management on all major resolutions like executive compensation and election of directors.

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