Don't freak out but there could be antibiotic-resistant superbugs on the Tube, scientists say: Here are the Tube lines ranked from dirtiest to cleanest

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Get your antibac hand gel at the ready (Source: Getty)

As if travelling on London's Underground wasn't gross enough, scientists have given everyone a new reason to freak out.

Disease-causing bacteria is lurking on the Tube more than any other form of transport in London, scientists say. And, some of those bugs might be the worst ones out there - superbugs resistant to antiobotics.

A study by London Metropolitan University researchers with insurer Staveley Head took swabs from hand rails, seats and doors of buses, tube carriages and cabs.

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It found 121 different moulds and bacteria on public transport, including nine associated with ones that are classified as critical superbugs by the World Health Organisation.

They were found on the underground, buses and cabs. Acinetobacter Baumannii, which causes serious lung and blood infections, was found on the Circle Line, for example.

E. coli, was found on the Central Line, Victoria Line and District Line, as well as cabs and buses. Both of the bacteria have been found to have strains resistant to antibiotics.

“The Klebsiella Pneumoniae infection is a superbug that antibiotics cannot fight and can be extremely harmful," said microbiologist Dr Paul Matewele, who conducted the tests. This bacteria has been found to be resistant to the so-called drug of last resort for treating antibiotic resistant strains in some cases. It was found on the Circle, Central, Northern and Victoria lines as well as in cabs.

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Germaphobes take note: the Victoria Line was found to be the dirtiest and the Metropolitan Line the cleanest of all the routes on London Underground and buses were identifies as the cleanest form of public transport in the capital.

Are you travelling on the Tube's dirtiest Tube line?

Which Tube Lines have the most bacteria?

Victoria (22)

Circle (20)

Piccadilly (20)

Jubilee (18)

Northern (18)

District (17)

Waterloo and City (16)

Central (16)

Hammersmith (14)

Bakerloo (13)

Metropolitan (11)

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