Here's the happiest place to work in the UK (and no, it's not London)

Rebecca Smith
The happiest employees in the UK are found in Yorkshire and the Humber
The happiest employees in the UK are found in Yorkshire and the Humber (Source: Getty)

Feeling a bit fed up with your current job?

Well, if you're on the hunt for a more cheerful environment, Robert Half has compiled the happiest places to work in Britain. Sadly for City workers, the top spot isn't London, as the capital came fifth in the rankings.

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Yorkshire and the Humber has been deemed the happiest place to work.

According to the research, those from Yorkshire found their work more interesting (74 per cent), got on with their team (88 per cent) and had good friends in the office (72 per cent).

Taking the second spot for the happiest employees was the East of England, then the Midlands, followed by the North.

As for the most unsatisfied employees, Scotland came bottom with 17 per cent of employees saying they were unhappy, followed by the South.

Londoners were the most stressed; 35 per cent said their job was stressful compared to the national average of 31 per cent, though 71 per cent said they got a sense of accomplishment from their work, compared to the average of 63 per cent.

Robert Half and research firm Happiness Works conducted the study of more than 2,000 UK adults.

“While employee happiness levels may vary across the UK, the bottom line remains the same," said Phil Sheridan, senior managing director of Robert Half UK. "Happiness is an individual experience and one solution may not work for everybody."

He added that the firm's research also uncovered six factors that drive employee happiness, including feeling appreciated, interesting and meaningful work, a sense of fairness and a sense of empowerment.

Ranked: Britain's happiest places to work

  1. Yorkshire and the Humber
  2. East of England
  3. Midlands
  4. North
  5. London
  6. South
  7. Scotland

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