Lib Dem Vince Cable is forecasting "serious conversations" about a new political movement after the election

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The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference
Cable was turfed out of Parliament at the 2015 election by Conservative Tania Mathias (Source: Getty)

British politics could be shaken up by the emergence of a new centre-left force after the election, former business secretary Vince Cable has suggested.

Cable, who is bidding to return to Westminster as an MP after being defeated in 2015, has said there will be "serious conversations" about the future of the centre-left after the June vote, hinting the UK could see the emergence of a new political party.

Speaking on BBC Radio earlier today, Cable admitted his party had suffered an "existential crisis" after being dramatically rejected by voters in 2015, but suggested that talks will soon begin over a political realignment.

"I think many of the Labour people are just waiting to see, to get this election out of the way. I think frankly you will then have a lot of bloodletting," Cable explained.

"And then there will be serious conversations about where British politics goes and how you create you an alternative to the Conservatives which is... centrist, centre left, pro-business, practical, offering an alternative to what is potentially a very damaging form of Conservatism," the former MP added.

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It comes as the Sunday Times reports that close allies for former Prime Minister Tony Blair have drawn up plans to create new political party.

Blair has made repeated interventions into politics since the Brexit vote, revealing earlier this month that he would seek to "reconnect with voters", and a source close to the former Labour leader told the newspaper: “People are waiting to see just how bad the damage is on 9 June. They will look at the results and say, ‘Is this horse a dead horse or can it still be revived? Some people have already come to the conclusion that it can’t and therefore something else will have to be born.

“They’re certainly entertaining possibilities they wouldn’t have entertained before. The unthinkable is being thought.”

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