Theresa May's Conservatives retain major lead in new ORB poll ahead of 8 June General Election

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Home Secretary Theresa May Launches Her Bid For The Conservative Leadership
Theresa May's party is firmly in the lead (Source: Getty)

The Conservative party has maintained a strong lead over the Labour party in the latest poll ahead of the 8 June snap election.

Theresa May's Conservative party came in at 46 per cent in an ORB opinion poll for the Telegraph. This was unchanged from its previous position, while the Labour party gained one per cent to reach 32 per cent of the vote.

The poll put the Liberal Democrats on eight per cent and Ukip at seven per cent, both down one per cent.

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The ORB's survey of more than 1,500 voters was carried out before the leak of the Labour manifesto on Wednesday.

The manifesto revealed a plan to renationalise railways, parts of the energy industry and Royal Mail, which was sold off in 2015. Leader Jeremy Corbyn said it had been unanimously approved just hours later.

Today, Labour deputy leader Tom Watson warned of a "Margaret Thatcher-style" landslide in the upcoming vote if the opposition can't claw back voters from all groups.

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ORB's poll largely echoes voting intention figures published this week by YouGov, which put the Conservatives at 46 per cent and Labour at 30 per cent of the vote.

Corbyn has said he won't quit as head of the party even if Labour loses the election.

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