Team brunch, rejoice: Morrisons is selling ultra-cheap avocados (but there's a catch)

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Avoca-do: They're cheap, but they're wonky... (Source: Getty)

Supermarket chain Morrisons announced today that it will sell avocados for just 39p from next week - but there's a catch: the avocados are part of the supermarket’s "Wonky" range, which features misshapen or blemished fruit and vegetables.

From the beginning of next week until the end of summer, Morrisons will sell "ugly" avocados at cut-price, alongside other "wonky" vegetables such as asparagus, carrots and potatoes.

This will no doubt comes as good news to avocado fans across the UK: our obsession with avocado on toast has made them so popular that in December last year, more avocados were sold in the UK than the citrus fruit.

But demand for avocados pushed prices to an all-time high last week: Bloomberg data revealed a 10kg box of Mexican Hass avocados now sells for double what it cost last year, at 530 pesos (£21.78).

The price hike was blamed on reduced harvests in Mexico and Peru and surging demand for the fruit.

The avocado made its way into the Office of National Statistics’ average shopping basket in 2014, but prices have been creeping up ever since.

Morrison’s avocado buyer, James Turner, said: “Avocados have become one of Britain’s most expensive salad items."

Tesco slashed its price of an avocado from 79p to 49p, but no other supermarket has matched Morrisons’ bargain just yet.

The news comes in the week the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons warned of so-called "avocado hand": the blight of people cutting themselves in the process of de-stoning. If you're a sufferer, here's what Jamie Oliver says about it:

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