Driftwood review: An impressive, sweet and captivatingly sensitive acrobatics show

Steve Hogarty
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I’ve been to some crazy parties, but until witnessing the sensuous acrobatics of Driftwood I had never seen five men and women neatly slot into one another like jigsaw pieces, coming together to form a kind of flesh-Megazord.

In this joyful show a troupe of perfect human specimens dance and hurl one another about the stage in an eclectic mix of daring acrobatic tricks and graceful balancing acts. A woman is used as a skipping rope, a man perches atop a pole resting on another man’s head, at one point three performers clamber atop one another’s shoulders to form a spectacular, precipitous human pillar.

With a borrowed soundtrack and a limited number of bodies on stage to play around with, Driftwood falls short of the sort of room-filling, heart-thumping extravaganza achieved by some recent circus acts in this tent (see Barbu, below). But even at this small scale it’s an impressive, sweet and captivatingly sensitive show.

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