Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says his party's manifesto has been unanimously approved, hours after a version was leaked

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The Labour Party Hold Their Clause V Meeting To Ratify Their Election Manifesto
Corbyn addressed journalists in central London today as the party approved his manifesto. (Source: Getty)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed that his party's manifesto has been unanimously approved in a special meeting in central London today.

A version of Labour's plans was leaked late yesterday, with proposals including a huge nationalisation programme becoming public.

Corbyn did not comment on the leak as he addressed journalists waiting outside the meeting, but noted that Labour had made some amendments.

He did not specify exactly what elements of the party's proposals had been altered.

"The details will be published in the next few days. The details will be set out to you, including the costing of all the promises and pledges we will make," Corbyn said.

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The Labour leader refused to take any questions from the waiting press-pack.

Leaving the meeting, Unite chief Len McCluskey told journalists there was "complete unanimity" in the meeting, which saw more than 80 party figures sign off the election offer.

Corbyn's statement marked the close of a meeting that had already got off on the wrong foot. The Labour leader's car injured a BBC camera man as he arrived at the venue.

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