Tony Blair has been left squirming after the former chief of Vote Leave warned him to accept the Brexit verdict

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The UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June. (Source: Getty)

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has been warned to accept the Brexit verdict by the former chief executive of the Leave campaign.

Blair was challenged at a conference over his views on populism and the outcome of the referendum by Matthew Elliott.

Speaking on a panel at the Milken Institute conference in California early this month, Elliott said that pro-EU voices like Blair must accept the vote in order to participate in mainstream politics.

“You have to start accepting the basic principles of what the public have said,” Elliott said.

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Blair struggled to respond to the comments from Elliott, now senior fellow at the Legatum Institute.

“I mean... I think... Leave aside whether that's right or wrong for a moment. I think. One thing, though, that is if you are running through many policy challenges, Brexit is obviously a very big issue in many different ways,” Blair said.

“Although I understand completely what you’re saying and you may be right in what you're saying. I don't know.”

Blair has spoken repeatedly of his desire to make a comeback in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, even going as far as encourage not to elect MPs who "back Brexit at any cost".

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