Tim Farron: Tories will win landslide in General Election, but I won't commit to resigning

Helen Cahill
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Tim Farron Campaigns At A Volunteer-run Rescue Boat Service In Somerset
The Lib Dem leader refused to commit to resigning (Source: Getty)

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said this morning that the Conservatives will win by a landslide in the General Election - but he refused to commit to resigning if his party tanks.

Speaking on the BBC's Today Programme, Farron said he was not disappointed by the Lib Dems' performance in the local elections last week, saying the party increased its share of the vote.

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But, it appears he has already admitted defeat it the upcoming vote on 8 June. Instead of trying to argue the Lib Dems will win big, he attacked the Labour Party, saying it was not fit to be an alternative government, or, indeed, an opposition.

Asked whether he would resign if he doesn't meet his election target (he wants to double the Lib Dems' number of MPs), Farron side-stepped the question, saying that he was focusing on the campaign for now.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been even more clear on what he will do after the election. On Tuesday, he insisted he will remain leader of his party even if his party loses in the General Election.

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