Want to earn £100,000? Here's what your CV should look like

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If you have six-figure ambitions, you could do worse than pay attention to a new study identifying the features the CVs of the UK's top-end earners share in common.

Jobsite Adzuna analysed the 10,000 CVs of people who earn six-figure salaries and found the majority of them have at least 19 years in of experience, with 13 years in management positions.

It also helps if you're a man: just 14 per cent of the top earners were women, the findings suggested.

Meanwhile the majority of those in the so-called £100k club were working in the IT and finance sectors, although consultancy, engineering and sales were also listed.

The "education" section doesn't necessarily need to be filled out: 23 per cent of those earning six figure salaries don't have a degree, the study suggested. However, those who don't have degrees spend longer working their way up: the majority have spent 22 years in employment, compared to 18 years for those with a university education.

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Tech takes over

While the finance sector continues to provide plenty of six-figure salaries, it may not be enough if you have corner office ambitions.

Today a separate study by recruiter Robert Half found the number of FTSE 100 chief executives with finance backgrounds has fallen from 55 per cent last year to 43 per cent.

According to the findings, the gaps are being filled by people with backgrounds in technology: in 2014 only three bosses had previously worked in the sector; today this has risen to 11.

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The £100k CV

1. Two decades should do it

Top earners have spent 19 years working up to their salaries, 13 of which have been spent in management roles.

2. Education: none

Almost a quarter of people on six-figure salaries don't have a degree - but prepare to work for longer if you pass on university.

3. IT and finance lead the way

Some 19 per cent of top earners have backgrounds in IT, while another 19 per cent have worked in finance. Around 12 per cent worked in consultancy, while five per cent have backgrounds in engineering and other five per cent worked in sales.

4. You don't need to make it to the corner office to earn top dollar

The top five job titles of those on six figures are managing director, director, operations director, finance director and chief executive.

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