Vince Cable is one of a trio of former ministers to return in Lib Dem leader Tim Farron's new frontbench team

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Liberal Democrat Spring Conference
Cable is one of three former ministers to return to the Lib Dem frontbench (Source: Getty)

Former business secretary Vince Cable has returned to the Lib Dems frontbench team for the first time since losing his seat in parliament.

Cable, who is seeking re-election in Twickenham next month, will take over the Lib Dems’ treasury brief for the election campaign.

He is one of three ex-coalition ministers to return, with the former energy secretary Ed Davey and former minister Jo Swinson also recruited as spokespeople.

Swinson and Davey are also seeking re-election to Westminster in seats in Scotland and South West London, respectively.

In a statement announcing their roles, the Lib Dems branded the trio “big beasts” of the party.

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Cable previously spent seven years leading Treasury scrutiny for the Lib Dems, and oversaw the privatisation of Royal Mail in governmentbefore losing his seat at the 2015 General Election.

His defeat represented one of the shock moments of the election night, including the Conservatives’ successful bid to unseat Labour shadow chancellor Ed Balls.

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