Simon Danczuk quits Labour, accusing Jeremy Corbyn of "serving his own ends"

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Labour Party Candidate Simon Danczuk Campaigns Ahead Of The General Election
Danczuk has been MP for Rochdale since 2010 (Source: Getty)

One of Labour's most colourful characters, who failed to earn the party's endorsement to stand as a candidate in next month's general election, has resigned from the party, accusing its leadership of being "more interested in serving its own ends... than those of hard working people".

Simon Danczuk, who has been MP for Rochdale since 2010 but served as an independent MP since he was suspended from Labour last December, said he was stepping down from Labour after the party "totally lost touch with its social democratic values".

With frontbench spokespeople, such as John McDonnell, continually obsessing about Karl Max, the benefits of communism and celebrating the reign of Joseph Stalin, I feel the Labour Party has totally lost touch with... reality in 21st century Britain.

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His resignation came after the party said last week it will not endorse Danczuk as its candidate for Rochdale, after it suspended him last December over allegedly sending explicit texts.

A Labour spokesperson told the BBC he will "not be able to stand as a Labour candidate in any constituency at the General Election".

"After considering the case of Simon Danczuk in detail and speaking to him in an interview, the Labour Party's NEC endorsement panel... unanimously recommended that he should not be endorsed as a Labour candidate."

"The way in which the party are treating the Parliamentary seat of Rochdale as a 'safe seat' into which they can simply parachute a Corbyn supporting candidate is deplorable," he wrote in his resignation letter, which was presented with an extra flourish: Danczuk's cut-up Labour membership card.

Here it is in full:

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