Theresa May says she wants an "equal" mandate to Emmanuel Macron ahead of Brexit negotiations

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The UK will head to the polls on 8 June. (Source: Getty)

Prime minister Theresa May has appealed to voters to grant her mandate just as strong as that handed to French President-elect Emmanuel Macron yesterday.

Launching the Conservative candidates for London and the South East, the Prime Minister reiterated her demand for the British people to strengthen her hand for Brexit talks, while also again reiterating her commitment to a net migration target of less than 100,000.

Continuing her efforts to talk in opposition seats, May addressed an audience in Harrow West, where Labour MP Gareth Thomas secured a majority of 2,208 in 2015.

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And the Prime Minister said that Macron's victory last night had handed the President-elect "a strong mandate which he can take into a strong position in the negotiations", adding that she wanted "an equal mandate".

"We must make sure that in the UK we also have a strong mandate to take a strong position into our negotiating table," she said.

Last month, Macron said he will seek to renegotiate the Le Touquet agreement which allows British border checks to operate in Calais.

May said that whoever forms the next government "will be sitting down and talking to Monsieur Macron and others about how that system has worked, both the for benefit of France and the UK".

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Yesterday, home secretary Amber Rudd again raised questions over the government's commitment to a net migration target of below 100,000.

But May again reiterated her commitment to the goal this morning, although the Prime Minister stopped short of committing to reaching it before the next planned election in 2022.

"We do believe that net migration should be in sustainable levels, and sustainable levels does mean the tens of thousands," May said.

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