Bordeaux vineyards in France are at risk of losing half of their harvest as frost hits

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Growers have used heaters and candles to prevent damage to crops (Source: Getty)

France's Bordeaux fields are at risk of losing about half of their harvest this year due to unseasonable April frosts.

A wine industry official told Reuters that tipples from the Cognac, Bergerac and Lot-et-Garonne regions have also been hit by damaging frosts.

"For Bordeaux wines...we estimate that the impact will be a loss of about 50 per cent, depend on how many buds can regrow," said the head of the Syndicat des vins Bordeaux et Bordeaux Superieur.

The impact of the damage, including lost earnings at wine industry subcontracts, is forecast to be around €1bn to €2bn (£847m to £1.69bn).

Wine production is expected to fall by about 350m bottles.

Last year, the country's wine production fell 10 per cent due to poor weather, with champagne being the top loser as its harvest was down 20 per cent compared with the previous year.

Earlier this week, English winemakers reportedly warned frost had caused similarly "catastrophic" damage to the year's grape harvest, wiping out at least half of their crops.

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