What does it take to land a spot at the top of the UK's Rich List? Be a man and work in property

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Property magnates dominate the Rich List (Source: Getty)

Entrepreneurs young and old can look to the Sunday Times Rich List for inspiration on joining the ranks of Britain's mega-loaded - but what qualities do those who climb to the top of the list have in common?

Well, now we know.

According to estimates, all it takes is a mere £113m to feature on this year's edition of the list, which is published tomorrow.

Analysis of the wealthiest 250 people over the last five years by online startup TechRound found it also helps if you're a male, London-based property tycoon who was born outside the UK.

It comes as no surprise that men dominate the list, but frustratingly there has been no marked increase of women in the top 250 over the past five years. At this current snail's pace it will take until the year 2224 for a 50/50 split of men and women.

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The most popular source of wealth over the last five years has been property, with almost a quarter of the top 250 each year making at least some of their fortune from the industry.

Other stand-out sectors of the super-rich are finance, pharmaceuticals and hedge funds. The oil industry, which used to have a strong showing on the list, was half as popular in 2016 as the three previous years.

And then there are those who inherit their fortune. On average, seven of the top 250 received their big boost from mum and dad.

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Although the majority of Britain's richest people were born in England, the list's top 10 has been dominated by non-UK residents.

Over the last five years, just eight per cent of the top 10 has been made up of Brits and no British-born person has made it higher than the third-place Weston family in 2015.

The most popular birthplaces on the list were

  • England - 52 per cent of the top 250
  • Scotland - Four per cent
  • India - Four per cent
  • US - Three per cent
  • Sweden - Three per cent

Daniel Tannenbaum, founder of TechRound said, “It is fascinating to dive so deeply into what it takes to be listed among Britain’s wealthiest individuals. We have seen an explosion in the tech industry in recent years, so it is perhaps surprising to see that property endures and still takes top spot among Britain’s wealthiest individuals.

"It will be interesting to see what this year’s list throws up and whether some of these trends continue in 2017."

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