Unlocked film review: Noomi Rapace is the only one that turned up for work in this forgettable thriller

James Luxford
Noomi Rapace's angry that she's the only one trying

There has been a potential chemical attack in London and the suspect hauled in for interrogation. Noomi Rapace plays the CIA agent tasked with questioning the absolute rascal, but, little does she know, she’s been drawn there on false pretences.

Unlocked takes its inspiration from espionage thriller movies and TV shows to create a serviceable but predictable outcome, while only Rapace seems concerned about delivering thrills.

The dialogue and plot are happy to content themselves with cliches and obvious twists, while a number of famous faces never really turn up to work.

Chief among them is John Malkovich and Michael Douglas, who play government figures competing to see who can look the least interested in what’s going on, while Orlando Bloom’s war veteran is... well, it’s hard to know where to begin. As you’d imagine, Cockney accents and menace aren’t his forte.

There are bright spots, mainly around Rapace, who looks very comfortable in an action role. In a better film, her performance could have laid the foundations for a franchise.

Bereft of anywhere interesting to go with her character, she simply has to do her best making her gun scenes look exciting.

There have been far worse Bourne clones, but a lack of commitment from the scriptwriter and certain members of the cast makes Unlocked very forgettable.

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