Britons are unusually patriotic about how they'll spend their last paper fiver

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Mark Carney Unveils New Polymer Five Pound Note
The new plastic £5 note will be the only legal fiver from tomorrow (Source: Getty)

What will you do with your last paper fiver? A new survey has suggested Britons have come over all patriotic (or just a bit hungover), with plans to spend it on a full English breakfast.

Ahead of the deadline to spend them, which strikes at midnight tonight, the survey by Asda found 24 per cent of Britons will buy breakfast with their last paper fiver, while 17 per cent will spend it on beer.

Chocolate came in third in the ranking. Admittedly, those with a sweet tooth will do best out of the £5: they can get 20 Freddos or 10 Crunchies for their money.

Food and booze are a recurring theme in the list: a bottle of red wine and prosecco made the top 10, along with cheese and curry.

The seven per cent of Brits hoping to buy clothes with their last fiver are, presumably, fans of discount retailers. What's clear is cash-strapped Brits have no time for nostalgia, as only 15 per cent would rather keep the old-fashioned fiver as a keepsake than spend it.

Still, if you're one of the estimated 150m of the old paper notes still in circulation (worth £750m), don't panic: although you can’t spend it at shops or restaurants, you can swap an old £5 note for a new one at the bank.

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How Britons will spend their last paper fivers
1. Full English breakfast 24%
2. Beer 17%
3. Chocolate 15%
4. A book 13%
5. A bottle of red wine 11%
6. Scratch cards 10%
7. Curry 10%
8. Prosecco 8%
9. Clothes 7%
10. Cheese 6%

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